Sunday, January 31, 2010

Powder Video Awards

Despite being a Powder Intern "Alum," I had never been to the Video Awards until last night. Around 5pm we jumped in the car and made the drive from Denver to Aspen. We missed the first half, but there was still plenty of action after our arrival. I was especially happy to run into Rachael Burks and hear about her much deserved reader poll award and see Lynsey Dyer accept her award for Best Female Performance! A first for both of these ladies, so stoked for you!

Check out the videos!
video of the top 5 women
Best Female Performance!

it was definitely fun to parrrrr-tay in Ahhhhspen. Those who know me, know that my inner party animal does a lot of sleeping, but it was awake last night and enjoying every minute.

The drive back to SLC wasn't bad either. I've never driven through that part of the desert when I could see it covered in snow (I have driven through there in a raging blizzard but I could barely see the taillights of the trucks in front of me when they spun off the road. That is a whole 'nother story though.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Icefall Lodge

Another trip I didn't want to return home from. :) Spent a week and a half with a ripping group of tele skiers, Paige Brady, Shaun Raskin, Candy Froerer, and Martha Burley. We took a helicopter into Icefall lodge, about 60km north of Golden, BC and spent the week touring before the heli returned to fly us back towards Golden. We barely scratched the surface of the terrain there. Must go back! A huge thank you is in order for Larry Dolecki who had the vision to build the lodge, explore and ski the surrounding terrain, offer guided (or un-guided) weeks of skiing, and continue to explore the area with the Lyell Hut (first of many he plans to build for longer tours and hut trips from the main lodge). Another HUGE thank you to Mo (Monique) our chef for the week, and new friend and ski buddy! And another HUGE thank you to Bremner (aka Snow Dog), Henry, and Phil for their locals knowledge of the terrain. I have always loved Canada and Icefall is just one more reason to add to my list!