Thursday, October 22, 2009

102 Days on Bikes

In a previous post I mentioned I was at 85 bike days for the season and shooting for 100. Well.... Today I hit 102. YAY BIKES! Judging from the frozen ground however, I have a feeling this number is not going to jump significantly before the ski season gets into full swing (although... it seems another slow start here in the Wasatch). Ahhh... how I love skiing through bushes and over rocks. Well.. at least for the entertainment value?

Friday, October 2, 2009

First Cover.

Well, well, well..... BIG news for Re Wikstrom and Molly Baker as our first cover shot is out on newstands now!!!!!!! Pick up the October issue of Backcountry Magazine to experience the glory. Molly and I shot this photo up at Mt Baker on a rare bluebird pow day in March. We spent the morning working with Level 1 productions and in the afternoon decided to hike out further while they (Level 1) went to shoot some booters. We found this stash on our hike and Molly turned it into blower pow magic. Totally sweet!

We also found out some cool news from Backcountry Magazine about this cover... Molly is the first woman to be featured on one of their covers and I was the first female to have shot one of their covers. Cool stuff, eh!?!?!