Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Ski Journal Photobook is out!

I have a full gallery in the newest Ski Journal, Vol. 3 Issue 1. What an honor to share in this issue with Jordan Manley, Mattias Fredriksson, Scott Markewitz, and Ryan Creary! All photographer;s whose work I truly admire and look up to. And so cool to show the world some more ripping women skiers. Suzanne Graham starts off the gallery with a ski-BASE and we end with Shidasha Holmstead sending a nice tweaked out air next to a portrait and ripping backlit sepia action shot of Pip Hunt. In between you will also see the likes of Molly Baker, Holly Walker, and Rachael Burks' backflip along with some interspersed still life shots. I would also like to give it up for the shot of Brant Moles which was unfortunately run without caption (they switched the shots at the last minute before printing). He is the little skier in the image with the windy backlit rock and snow halo in the top right of the opening spread. He also has the honor of being surrounding by nothing but ripping ladies. Here is a little teaser on The Ski Journal website

On the subject of the Ski Journal, I hope you all had the chance to pick up the last issue of Vol. 2 which had the Women's Ski Jumping article. It opens with my portrait of Lindsey Van (who has now won the first ever World Championships of women's ski jumping!) and has a few more shots I took during the Springer Tourney last June.