Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baker, Atomic women's team, good friends, and winter-in-the-spring

Great week! Just returned home from a little Atomic team shoot at Mt Baker and hanging with some great great friends. We had been watching the weather. And waiting. And waiting. And the winter was nearing it's end. And then the forecast started looking up for the northwest. We pulled the trigger. Angeli VanLaanen, our friend (and amazing skier!) Carston Oliver, and I drove from Salt Lake City, Utah up to Bellingham and Mt Baker, Washington to meet up with Molly Baker (no relation), as well as Grant Gunderson, Zack Giffin, and Holly Walker. KC Dean and his friend Scotty from Moment Skis drove up to play in the snow, too! It was a party! We were treated to mid-winter conditions in the spring. Skiing with great people. And it was glorious. Thank you gulf of Alaska!